Acclaim provides a bouquet ofsustainable energy solutions based on biomass gasification, Biomethanation ( biogas) and Solar concentrators tailor made to suit each and every client.


To position Acclaim at the forefront of renewable energy solution providers within the country and outside.


As a sustainable business solution provider Acclaim commits itself to safeguarding the local and Global environment.


Acclaim is committed to providing client-specific, technically sustainable and financially viable renewable energy solutions.

With Acclaim you are always safe

Acclaim Services

Acclaim has been in business for over three decades and has established itself as a reliable solution provider in the area of renewables. Acclaim has garnered a lot of goodwill due to its client oriented outlook to business.


Acclaim has in its fold personnel with decades of experience and in-depth domain knowledge in the fields where we offer our products and services.

Safe Practices

Our manual incorporates safe operating practices and designs incorporate features that are aligned with statutory safety regulations.